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Roman Orona (ish hish itsaatsu is his Apache name meaning “One Who Dances With Eagles”) is an internationally acclaimed dancer, singer, actor and craftsman. His work is often noted for its unique blend of power, passion and inspiration. Roman creates performances that are unforgettable, leaving a positive impact on audiences.


Roman is Apache (Chiricahua, Lipan and Jicarilla), Pueblo (Taos and Isleta) and Yaqui. He holds a bachelors of science in both civil engineering and biology.  Roman’s deep family roots gave him an extensive foundation in the faith, values, traditions and native culture he strives to preserve. From a young age, Roman was taught to respect and value all human beings.  His family introduced him to unity in diversity and the oneness of humanity through the lessons of The Baha’i Faith.  Roman, now a father of two, diligently strives to instill those same values in his children and those with whom he interacts.


Roman has presented his original lectures, dances and songs to audiences in performing arts centers, theaters, festivals, schools, universities, conferences, powwows, and various reservations throughout the United States, Asia, Mexico and Canada.  More recently, Roman produced music that blends his Native American roots with contemporary house music, working with DJ Maji and Seraj. He also has collaborated with an early educational children’s curriculum company named Music, Movement, Magination and contributed to various short environmental, educational and comedic films.  Roman continues to expand his talent in different genres of music, dance and film.  


Though his artistic talents and experiences are vast, Roman maintains a consistent dedication in all his work. His goal is to teach balance in all aspects of life, world peace, equality of men and women, environmental and cultural preservation, racial equality and the abandonment of all forms of prejudice.  Roman works to illustrate all individuals are related through the common thread humanity.  In being human, Roman says, “We all have a responsibility to each other, for each other, for the betterment of all human kind.”


Roman continues to serve humanity by performing and volunteering as a board member on various nonprofits. He also speaks at several youth and environmental conferences.  Roman continues to dedicate his life as a positive role model and educator believing, “all humankind is created from the same stock and are all roses from the same garden.”

Acting Resume


Roman Orona

Height:  5'9"     Weight:  235     Hair:  Black     Eyes:  Brown



Transformers 5                                           Junkyard Man                               Paramount Pictures

Frontera Roja                                                   Alacran                                    Olmpusat Media

Ghost Adventures                                       Apache Warrior                              Travel Channel

The Fittest                                                      Dr. Machado                                The Fittest, LLC

Claire Bear                                                     Dr. White Horse                           Claire Bear, LLC

The Horologist                                             Criminal/Cop                              The Horologist., LLC

Car Dogs                                                           Manny                                       Car Dogs, LLC

Cowboys and Indians                                 Angel's Father                             Epiphany Pictures, LLC



Taco Time                                                               Worker                      Union Digital Productions, Inc.

Clean Elections                                                     Protester                       aE Media, Inc. and Moses, Inc.

Harvest Snaps                                                        Party Goer                            Sanity Integrated

Earthy Enos-Environmental Education          Earthy Enos                          Ak-Chin Indian Community   

Road Trip Summer                                                 Worker                       Arizona Public Services (APS)



iinda (Native American Dance Performance)                 Starring                                INKA                    

PROPHECY (Native American Dance Performance)    Starring                      W8-4IT Productions



Film Auditioning I                                   Faith Hibbs-Clark                             Good Faith Casting

Film Auditioning II                                   Faith Hibbs Clark                             Good Gaith Casting

Marketing For Actors                                Faith Hibbs-Clark                            Good Faith Casting

Commercial Improve Training                Faith Hibbs-Clark                              Good Faith Casting

Commercial Auditioning I                       Faith Hibbs-Clark                              Good Faith Casting

Commercial Auditioning II                      Faith Hibbs-Clark                              Good Faith Casting

Auditioning for the Camera                        Angela Seger                                         Actors Den

Ongoing Classes                                           Angela Seger                                       Actors Den

Special Skills

-Baseball –basketball –football  -wrestling –running –swimming –bicycling –improv-comedy-kit drummer-horseback riding –comedy –dancing-Native American dancing, Native American Singing

"One Who Dances With Eagles"

​Ish Hish Itsaatsu

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