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Roman combines his Apache (Chiricahua Lipan and Jicarilla), Pueblo (Taos and Isleta) and Yaqui lineage into this recording.  It is from his deep-rooted foundation that Roman has learned the healing power of the drum and its ability to transform the soul.  Roman Orona continues his musical journey with this meditative album, Drum Awakenings, honoring the strength and healing that the drum provides. The three drums (Apache Water Drum, Hand Drum and Pow Wow) used in this recording were made by Roman. 

TRACK TITLES                                             CLICK TO HEAR SAMPLE

1.  Constant Thunder

2.​  Calling​

3.  First Flight

4.  Breathing

5.  Walk With Me

6.  Awaken The Dream

7.  Dancing Spirit

8.  Heart To Survive

9. Canyon Echo

Custom Made Apache Water/Peyote Drums

(Contact Roman to get your quote)

The drum is made and is specifically customized to the order. The drum can be painted in a solid color or have design work for a small additional cost. The drum stick and tanned leather hide can also be included to order for a small additional cost. Contact Roman today to get your drum started.

Custom Made Pow Wow Drums

 (Contact Roman to get your quote) 

Pow Wow Style drums are larger style drums built to be played on the floor with multiple drummers and singers.  These drum can be ordered with a specific depth and diameter.  Contact Roman to get your drum started today.

Custom Made Hand Drums

(Contact Roman to get your quote)

The hand drums are specifically customized to the order.  The round hand drums can be made in  9", 12", 15", 14" and 18".  Other hand drum styles, sizes and shapes can be ordered as well.  Contact Roman today to  get your drum started.

"One Who Dances With Eagles"

​Ish Hish Itsaatsu

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