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The PROPHECY (45-60 minute) experience is more than a Native American cultural presentation.  PROPHECY, expands the boundaries to captivate audiences with its resonating messages of unity, harmony, and trustworthiness. It is artfully woven into an awe-inspiring array of songs, dances, storytelling, naturescape/computer generated visuals and participatory arrangements. Keeping in stride with his Native American upbringing, Roman skillfully weaves traditional foundations into a tapestry of present day concepts giving new perspective, color, and theme. PROPHECY is meant to inspire and promote a spirit of human transformation.


The performance is specifically designed for the young audiences in elementary and middle schools. This performance can be a 15 minute or 30 minute interactive presentation that will showcase the beauty of the native regalia, songs, dance and storytelling. Each performance will convey the very foundation of unity, peace and equality.



This program can be tailored to best fit your needs by either utilizing it as a workshop(s) or full dance performance. The workshop(s) will be to conduct educational outreach (either solo or in conjunction with others) to the participants on various topics of interest. The Performance will offer educational programs for students, parents and children alike, this performance can be a 15 minute, 30 minute or 60 minute custom-tailored interactive presentation exhibiting the wisdom, storytelling, dance and music traditions of the Native American Culture. This performance will weave present day issues (racism, war etc.) with traditional solutions. 



This unique 1-hour presentation featuring various native dances, uplifting vocals, thunderous drumming, flutes music and original Native American stories.  This captivating program will have the audience soaring through the sight and sounds. The program will convey the very foundation of “balance in life” with messages of unity, peace and equality.

All performances can be tailored to fit the needs of the function. Use the Contact Me page to discuss your request.



"One Who Dances With Eagles"

​Ish Hish Itsaatsu

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